Gothic city: South point View

4Ground 28f-goc-202 28mm(1/56)

28F-GOC-202 this is a “28Facade” 4Ground model with high external detail and pre-painted parts. The South Point district of Gothic City is one of the worst areas of the city, known as “The Sink” as everything bad in the city ends up there eventually. The local area is inhabited by many gangs, the “South Point Crows” being the most prominent. Masked vigilantes are occasionally seen in South Point chasing down leads and trigger men. Only the man known as “The Watchman” is a constant threat to the gangs and it is known that the Crows have put a bounty on The Watchman’s head. South Point View is one of the fine old buildings that is now no more than a drug den. The Crows inhabit it peddling their wares to the citizens of the sink. Although the Gothic City Police Department know about South Point View they do little about it as the Crows, although not well connected themselves, have a shadowy figure holding even the most honest cop off from them. This is one of the facade range from 4Ground. These buildings come with highly detailed pre-painted external parts and have a large amount of verticality allowing you to use them for major line of sight blocking terrain or for games where the outside of the building matters more than the interior rooms. This building is approximately 240mm x 240mm x 360mm.